Rift Rogue DPS – Knife in the Back 1.2

Rift Rogue DPS – Knife in the Back 1.2

Many rogues like to get up in melee combat against their enemies.  For that purpose, the Knife in the Back was created as one of our first rogue builds.  I have personally been using this build since pre-launch, and it remains one of my favorites.  With the changes in patch 1.2, Assassins received a substantial damage upgrade, so this build was reworked.

Main Soul – Assassin – 25 Points

Secondary Soul – Blade Dancer – 18 Points

Tertiary Soul – Rift Stalker – 13 Points


Assassin – 35 Points

Tier One

Ruthlessness – 5 – Increase Critical Hit chance

Improved Final Blow – 3 – Increased Damage from Final Blow

Tier Two

Serrated Blades – 3 – Bleed damage on crits

Murderous Intent – 2 – Increases Physical Damage

Cloak and Dagger – 3 – Improved damage after Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike, or Jagged Strike

Tier Three

Silent Footsteps – 2 – Increases stealth ability and speed

Cruel Vengeance – 5 – Critical Hits increase damage

Tier Four

Magnify Pain – 2 – Increases Critical Hit damage

Double Cross – 3 – Increased damage from behind

Backstab – 1 – High damage attack from behind

Tier Five

Subterfuge – 2 – Increased damage on Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike, and Jagged Strike.

Improved Stealth – 1 – Stealth lasts until canceled

Tier Six

Advanced Flanking – 2 – Increased critical hit chance on Backstab, Assassinate, Jagged Strike, and Paralyzing Strike.

Tier Seven

Slip Away – 1 – Immediate, in combat, stealth.  Also grants immune to all damage for 3 seconds, breaks snares and roots.


Bladedancer – 18 Points

Tier One

Quick Reflexes – 5 – Increases Dodge chance

Tier Two

Strike Back – 2 – Does damage back when successfully dodge

Blade and Fury – 2 – Increased damage on Keen Strike

Combat Expertise – 1 – Increases Hit Chance

Tier Three

Ambidextrous – 5 – Increased Dexterity

Sprint – 1 – Increased movement speed for 15 seconds

Tier Four

Turn the Blade – 2 – Increased damage after parry or dodge


Riftstalker – 13 points

Tier One

Unseen Fury – 5 – Increased Attack Power

Tier Two

Great Fortitude – 5 – Increased Endurance

Tier Three

Rift Scavenger – 3 – Heals the rogue per combo point on the target when it dies



This is a traditional, rogue in the back, type of build.  With the riftstalker abilities, it can heal.  With the bladedancer abilities, it has a nice blend of single and multiple target attacks.  Additionally, it has incapacitate, making it very useful in a dungeon.  With the changes, Knife in the Back (1.2) is a nasty melee DPS Rogue build for Rift.



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