Rift Warrior Build – Blade Master

Rift Warrior Build – Blade Master

Although some prefer a more defensive tank, such as the Battle Turtle. Some of us like a more offensive role in combat. That said, a warrior must have a way of dealing with monsters swinging at her, either blocking, dodging, or parrying the enemies attacks.

The Blade Master build focuses on damage, and on parrying enemy attacks. As such, it lacks the shield that the Battle Turtle had. Our estimations put the Blade Master as having the ability to Parry roughly 40% of all enemy attacks, with the ability to burst parry to essentially untouchable for 10 seconds at a time. Additionally, they riposte damage on when they parry, and they have a full line of finishing moves that, although used in rotation, provide significant damage or defensive abilities.

Mixing Paragon with Riftblade adds a lot to Parry and adds damage via the elemental attacks of the Riftblade. Likewise Warlord adds to Dodge and Armor Class, which help with the areas a Blade Master may encounter problems with.

Paragon – 51 Points

Starting at 1st Level

Tier One

Duality of Mind – 5

Combat Precision – 5

Tier Two

Teaching of the Five Rings – 5

Double Jeopardy – 3

Predictable Movements – 1

Tier Three

Grace of the Five Rings – 3

Weapon Master – 5

Wrist Strike – 1

Tier Four

Serenity – 3

Flowing Strikes – 5

Path of the Tempest – 1

Tier Five

Bend Like The Reed – 1

Deadly Grace – 3

Run Like The Wind – 2

Tier Six

Force of Will – 3

Improved Flowing Strikes – 2

Touch of Tranquility – 1

Tier Seven

Death Touch – 1

RiftBlade – 8 Points

Starting at 3rd Level

Tier One

Elemental Flux – 5

Tier Two

Elemental Deflection – 3

Warlord – 7 Points

Starting at 27th Level

Tier One

Powerful Countenance – 5

Tier Two

Enhanced Dodge – 2

The Blade Master does significantly more damage than the Battle Turtle, but is not designed to take as much abuse. With the parry and dodge abilities, this should make a huge difference in fighting most enemies in PVE.

As always, email me if you have any questions. And we hope you like our Rift Warrior Build – Blade Master.


  1. Alternate Build

    We also found that you can combine Champion instead of Warlord for interesting effects, including more damage and parry, but at the loss of the dodge bonus from Warlord.

    Replace Warlord – 7 points etc. With the following:

    Champion – 7 Points
    Starting at 27th Level
    Tier One
    Titan’s Strength – 5
    Take No Prisoners – 2


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