Secret World – Secret Societies

Secret World – Secret Societies


In the Secret World, war exists between unbelievable Darkness and between three secret societies, fighting in the shadows. These societies are the Templars, the Illuminati, and the Dragon.


The Templars


Standing against the evils that nobody believes exists are the Templars. An ancient society, tracking their roots back to Babylon, they have allies in most governments and militaries. Currently, the Templars are headquartered in London, England, but their activities are felt world wide. If you wish to defend the world from those who seek to destroy or corrupt it, the Templars are currently recruiting.


The Illuminati


Throughout the world, even in the darkest times, there are those who seek power and wealth. The Illuminati have immense power and control. Working from their shadowed headquarters in New York, United States, they deal in black mail, treason, and deceit throughout the world. For those seeking to control and dominate the world, the Illuminati is searching for you, and they have an offer you cannot refuse.


The Dragon


Where the Templars seek to protect the world, and the Illuminati seek to control the world, the Dragon seek to control events through seeming chaos. To truly be in control, you must see the trends of “chaos” and manipulate the individual events to a more desirable outcome. Deemed anarchists by the other Secret Societies, the Dragon are feared and misunderstood. From their base in Seoul, Korea, they will change the world to their liking. The Dragon does not care if you are interested in them… if they want you, they will find you.




Three different Secret Societies war with each other and the Darkness that works in the shadows throughout the world. These Secret Societies form the basis of the Secret World, and which society you join will determine your destiny.

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