Spy on your friend’s abilities and loot in The Secret World

The Secret World Leonne Silvertear

If the world wasn’t so dark… a bit overexposed.

Ever wonder if that noob you just killed in The Fusang Project had any decent skills in their character build?  Or perhaps you are a cabal leader looking to recruit some peeps?  Funcom has just given us quite a tool to spy on people’s abilities for their MMORPG The Secret World.  They call it the Chronicle.  You can find it on the main site in the navigation bar at the right (http://www.thesecretworld.com/).  I decided for giggles to look at my Chronicle for Leonne Silvertear (my Templar Build).


The Secret World Chronicle Leonne SilvertearSo far it seems pretty accurate.  It says I’m the Altruist level of Templar, which I completed the quest for on Monday this week.  It has my abilities listed that I was playing with the night before last (last night was date night at my house).  However, I would love more interaction (clickable things).  I want to click on the Templar level (Rank 9 Protector) and see the various levels and their icons.  I want to click on the Actives and Passives and get more information.  But most important, I want a picture of MY CHARACTER!  This Chronicle is supposed to be about Leonne, so where is a snapshot of her?  Or maybe even a gallery of important events?  I LOVE how Rift spammed my Facebook friends with all my accomplishments (okay, it was too much).  Why in this age of social media does this page not have a few screen shots of my character in action?

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