Mage Support Build – Hierophant

Mage Support Build – Hierophant

Mages are frequently called upon to support the party, through crowd control, buffs, secondary heals, or other effects, and a true mage is capable of providing all of these benefits when needed.  For that purpose, the power of our ancestors has been rediscovered and is being utilized to help our allies in struggles against the minions of the dragons.

Primary Soul: Dominator

Secondary Soul: Chloromancer

Tertiary Soul: Archon

Dominator: 29 points

Tier One:

Efficient Control: 5 (Reduces mana cost and resistance rate of crowd control spells)

Tier Two:

Acumen: 5 (Increases Intelligence by 10%)

Tier Three:

Controlled Opportunity: 5 (Increases damage taken by crowd controlled targets)

Improved Mana Wrench: 3 (Increased damage dealt, energy drained, and mana recovered)

Tier Four:

Quicken Form: 1 (Reduces casting time of Transmogrify to instant)

Transference: 1 (Reduces enemy charge, mana, energy, or power and does damage based on amount drained)

Tier Five:

Iron Will: 5 (Significantly improves mana regeneration while Overpowering Will is active)

Reflective Presence: 1 (Provides a 60% chance that spells are reflected back on enemies)

Tier Six:

Split Personality: 1 (Creates 3 shades that bombard the mages enemies)

Splintered Mind: 2 (Reduces the casting time of Split Personality, and its cooldown time)


Chloromancer: 19 Points

Tier One:

Natural Awareness: 5 (Increases Intelligence by 25% for 6 seconds after any life spell is cast)

Tier Two:

Bloom: 1 (Single Target heal)

Healing Slipstream: 2 (Reduces casting time of Bloom and Flourish to Instant)

Empowered Veil: 3 (Improves Entropic Veil Damage and Lifegiving Veil’s healing)

Tier Three:

Phytogenesis: 3 (Improves Radiant Spores heal percent, and will affect multiple targets)

Synthesis: 1 (Improves healing on one target, useful on main tank)

Tier Four:

Nature’s Touch 1 (Damaging attack that heals the Synthesis target)

Call of Spring 3 (Increases the amount of healing spells and effects)


Archon – 18 Points

Tier One:

Blood Pact – 2 (Improves group endurance buff)

Favored Ally – 3 (Increases radius of buff auras and reduces casting time to instant)

Tier Two:

Strength of Stone – 3 (Increases stats from pillaging stone)

Exhilaration – 5 (Returns mana on a spell critical hit)

Tier Three:

Leeching Flames – 1 (Does damage to an enemy while returning mana to mage)

Martyr’s Solace – 3 (Increases damage absorbed by Consuming Flames)

Tier Four:

Rock Slide – 1 (Damage over time that increases intelligence of the mage)



This particular mage build focuses heavily on healing, crowd control, buffing, and shielding allies.  However, it is not lacking on damage output either.  Due to all three of these souls, a mage can drastically boost his intelligence and therefore his Spell Power and Spell Crit ratings.  This provides the Hierophant exceptional support ability and damage as a mage build.