Rift Rogue Ranged DPS Build – Boom Boom Pow!

Rift Rogue Ranged DPS Build – Boom Boom Pow!

There are few things as satisfying in the life of a Rogue as killing, but not getting hit at all in a fight.  By utilizing dangerous explosives, including charge packs and mines, the Boom Boom Pow! build can be used very well in combating the forces of the Dragon Cults.  Additionally, you can heal up to 30% of

Primary: Saboteur 38

Secondary: Marksman 15

Tertiary: Riftstalker 13

Saboteur – 38 Points

Tier One

Nimble Fingers – 5 (improves Dexterity)

Tier Two

Remote Clipping – 5 (improves range of charges and detonate)

Tier Three

Silent Setup – 3 (Charges create 0 hate, until detonated)

Increased Explosive Powder – 5 (Increases damage of charges)

Tier Four

Improved Detonate – 5 (Increases damage of detonate)

Improved Spike Charge – 2 (Increases duration of Spike Charge dot)

Tier Five

Bomb Specialist – 5 (Increases the damage of all bombs)

Annihilation Bomb – 1 (Big AOE bomb)

Charge Booster – 1 (Increased detonate damage, with 5 charges)

Tier Six

Demolition Specialist – 2 (Annihilation bomb detonates charges at target)

Carpet Bombing – 1 (Resets all bomb cooldown to zero, for 3 bombs)

The Trapper – 1 (Traps no longer have cooldown)

Residual Shrapnel – 1 (Increased damage from Shrapnel Charge)

Tier Seven

Land Mines – 1 (Explosives that do considerable damage, and knockback)


Marksman – 15 Points

Tier One

Single Minded Focus – 5 (Increased damage for several shots)

Tier Two

Increased Fire Power – 5 (Critical Hits with ranged weapons increases attack power)

Repelling Shot – 1 (Knocks back the enemy 15m)

Tier Three

Penetrating Shots – 4 (Ranged Physical Attacks ignore some armor)


Riftstalker – 13

Tier One

Unseen Fury – 5 (Increases Attack Power)

Tier Two

Boosted Recovery – 3 (All Healing Effects improved)

Great Fortitude – 2 (Increased Endurance)

Tier Three

Rift Scavenger – 3 (Heals based on combo points when mob dies)



This build requires a lot of preparation before a fight, but is one that packs a LOT of punch.  By setting land mines and a trap just outside agro range of an enemy, then using all 5 charges (spike charges work well), followed by Annihilation Bomb then Detonate. normal mobs will be significantly below half.  Then as you back up, through the mines, the mobs are quickly destroyed.  With the marksman’s ranged combat abilities, you can build additional combo points as you back up, pulling the mob into the mines.  And Riftstalker rewards health based on the number of combo points on a mob when it dies.

Multiple mobs work fairly well also, as Annihilation Bomb and Demolition Specialist improve the number of targets hit.  However, the mines do not affect multiple targets, so there may be mobs that need to be finished via bow.

For a Ranged DPS Rogue Build, Boom Boom Pow! is very enjoyable and makes the combat more unique in Rift.