Rift LFG Tool – How to Get Groups

Rift LFG Tool – How to Get Groups

The key to finding groups in Rift is based on the four roles available. Each role has different requirements, but all are needed in a complete group. Specifically, each group is made of 2 DPS, 1 Utility, 1 Tank, and 1 Healer. The key then, is to be capable of filling as many of these positions as possible. This is done by choosing souls, in additional roles, that fill these gaps.

DPS – Damage Per Second

Damage per second is the most needed, but also the most plentiful, of all the roles. They key requirement to the DPS role is either Hit for warriors or rogues, or Focus for mages or clerics. Melee clerics, such as Justicars, Shamans, and Druids have an ability that allows Focus to be used as Hit. The Hit/Focus requirements, as per the LFG tool, are as listed below:



Regular Dungeon: 0

Tier 1: 50

Tier 2: 100


Healer – Keeping the Party Alive

Critical to every party is the role of healer. In dungeons, and especially against bosses, the job of healer can be stressful and rewarding. As a good healer, though, you will be one of two keys to any group. Unlike the other roles, however, this one does not have specific requirements with Focus, Hit, or Toughness.


Tank – Front Line of Defense

The other critical role of every party is the tank. A tank stands between the other party members and the danger of the monsters and mobs throughout the dungeon. There are several methods they use, some use dodge, others focus on block and parry, but their goal is to keep at the top of the hate list for each monster, and to stay alive long enough to kill the monster. Toughness is the key attribute for a tank role in dungeons, as it cuts down on the critical damage that monsters can deal. Hit (or Focus for Justicars) is also required to help do damage and maintain agro.


Toughness and Hit/Focus

Regular Dungeon: 0

Tier 1: 50

Tier 2: 100


Utility – The Non-Specialists

The last role is that of Utility. This position provides a lot of different things to a party from buffs to healing, and damage when required. To assist in their damage capacity, either Hit or Focus is expected.



Regular Dungeon: 0

Tier 1: 50

Tier 2: 100



Roles make up the groups in Rift, in normal dungeons, expert dungeons, and raids. All roles are needed, and the ability to fill multiple roles makes it that much easier to find a group. The LFG tool focuses on these roles, filling each position, and therefore the variation of these roles is how to get groups in Rift.

Rift Rogue DPS – Knife in the Back 1.2

Rift Rogue DPS – Knife in the Back 1.2

Many rogues like to get up in melee combat against their enemies.  For that purpose, the Knife in the Back was created as one of our first rogue builds.  I have personally been using this build since pre-launch, and it remains one of my favorites.  With the changes in patch 1.2, Assassins received a substantial damage upgrade, so this build was reworked.

Main Soul – Assassin – 25 Points

Secondary Soul – Blade Dancer – 18 Points

Tertiary Soul – Rift Stalker – 13 Points


Assassin – 35 Points

Tier One

Ruthlessness – 5 – Increase Critical Hit chance

Improved Final Blow – 3 – Increased Damage from Final Blow

Tier Two

Serrated Blades – 3 – Bleed damage on crits

Murderous Intent – 2 – Increases Physical Damage

Cloak and Dagger – 3 – Improved damage after Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike, or Jagged Strike

Tier Three

Silent Footsteps – 2 – Increases stealth ability and speed

Cruel Vengeance – 5 – Critical Hits increase damage

Tier Four

Magnify Pain – 2 – Increases Critical Hit damage

Double Cross – 3 – Increased damage from behind

Backstab – 1 – High damage attack from behind

Tier Five

Subterfuge – 2 – Increased damage on Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike, and Jagged Strike.

Improved Stealth – 1 – Stealth lasts until canceled

Tier Six

Advanced Flanking – 2 – Increased critical hit chance on Backstab, Assassinate, Jagged Strike, and Paralyzing Strike.

Tier Seven

Slip Away – 1 – Immediate, in combat, stealth.  Also grants immune to all damage for 3 seconds, breaks snares and roots.


Bladedancer – 18 Points

Tier One

Quick Reflexes – 5 – Increases Dodge chance

Tier Two

Strike Back – 2 – Does damage back when successfully dodge

Blade and Fury – 2 – Increased damage on Keen Strike

Combat Expertise – 1 – Increases Hit Chance

Tier Three

Ambidextrous – 5 – Increased Dexterity

Sprint – 1 – Increased movement speed for 15 seconds

Tier Four

Turn the Blade – 2 – Increased damage after parry or dodge


Riftstalker – 13 points

Tier One

Unseen Fury – 5 – Increased Attack Power

Tier Two

Great Fortitude – 5 – Increased Endurance

Tier Three

Rift Scavenger – 3 – Heals the rogue per combo point on the target when it dies



This is a traditional, rogue in the back, type of build.  With the riftstalker abilities, it can heal.  With the bladedancer abilities, it has a nice blend of single and multiple target attacks.  Additionally, it has incapacitate, making it very useful in a dungeon.  With the changes, Knife in the Back (1.2) is a nasty melee DPS Rogue build for Rift.


Rift Mage DPS Build – Turn and Burn

Rift Mage DPS Build – Turn and Burn

Many of the mage souls work well together, or synergize.  One of these combinations resulted in nerfs to pyromancers and dominators in Update 1.2.  However, they still make a nasty combination as this build demonstrates.  The Turn and Burn works on the principle of denying the enemy a chance to inflict damage upon you (from Dominator) while maximizing damage done to him (from Pyromancer).  Warlock works well as a third soul, allowing a decent chance to make the heavy hitting Pyromancer nukes instantly castable, and providing some healing should an enemy get close enough to hurt.

Main Soul – Pyromancer – 39 points

Secondary Soul – Dominator – 17 points

Tertiary Soul – Warlock – 10 points

Pyromancer – 39 points – From 1st Level

Tier One

Improved Fireball – 3 – Increases Critical Hit of Fireball

Ignition – 5 – Decreases casting time of Fire Spells

Tier Two

Combust – 3 – Chance for Fireball to cause Damage over Time (DoT)

Improved Grounding – 3 – Improved Mana Regen while in a grounding effect

Tier Three

Improved Smoldering Powder – 5 – Decreases mana cost of spells, when active

Tier Four

Fire Storm – 1 – AOE Fire attack

Burning Bright – 3 – Increased Damage at cost of max health

Improved Flame Bolt – 3 – Increases Fire Damage for 10 seconds

Tier Five

Pyromancer’s Armor – 1 – Chance to make Cinderburst instant cast and instant recharge

Wildfire – 2 – Chance, when casting Fireball, to make Flamebolts instant cast.

Tier Six

Backdraft – 1 – AOE damage and stun

Improved Ground of Power – 5 – Increases damage dealt, and decreases damage taken when in Ground of Power

Fire Shield – 3 – Chance to cast absorption on self when hit

Tier Seven

Heat Wave – 1 – Resets cooldowns, reduces casting time, and improves global cooldown


Dominator – 17 Points

Tier One

Clinging Form – 3 – Increases duration and reduces cooldown of Transmogrify

Quick Thinking – 2 – Reduces casting time of next spell, after a control spell

Tier Two

Acumen – 5 – Increased Intelligence

Tier Three

Controlled Opportunity – 5 – Next damaging spell does 50% more damage

Improved Mana Wrench – 1 – Improves Mana Wrench for better mana drain

Tier Four

Quicken Form – 1 – Reduces casting time of Transmogrify to instant


Warlock – 10 points

Tier One

Magical Affinity – 5 – Increases charge generation

Tier Two

Opportunity – 5 – Chance to make next spell instacast



This particular build takes some practice.  It is very effective against a single target, but quickly collapses when multiple mobs get close if they are soloing.  In a group, with a decent tank and healer, they can really shine in both single target or aoe damage.  Either way, the Turn and Burn is a specialized Mage DPS Build for Rift.

Rift Rogue Ranged DPS Build – Boom Boom Pow!

Rift Rogue Ranged DPS Build – Boom Boom Pow!

There are few things as satisfying in the life of a Rogue as killing, but not getting hit at all in a fight.  By utilizing dangerous explosives, including charge packs and mines, the Boom Boom Pow! build can be used very well in combating the forces of the Dragon Cults.  Additionally, you can heal up to 30% of

Primary: Saboteur 38

Secondary: Marksman 15

Tertiary: Riftstalker 13

Saboteur – 38 Points

Tier One

Nimble Fingers – 5 (improves Dexterity)

Tier Two

Remote Clipping – 5 (improves range of charges and detonate)

Tier Three

Silent Setup – 3 (Charges create 0 hate, until detonated)

Increased Explosive Powder – 5 (Increases damage of charges)

Tier Four

Improved Detonate – 5 (Increases damage of detonate)

Improved Spike Charge – 2 (Increases duration of Spike Charge dot)

Tier Five

Bomb Specialist – 5 (Increases the damage of all bombs)

Annihilation Bomb – 1 (Big AOE bomb)

Charge Booster – 1 (Increased detonate damage, with 5 charges)

Tier Six

Demolition Specialist – 2 (Annihilation bomb detonates charges at target)

Carpet Bombing – 1 (Resets all bomb cooldown to zero, for 3 bombs)

The Trapper – 1 (Traps no longer have cooldown)

Residual Shrapnel – 1 (Increased damage from Shrapnel Charge)

Tier Seven

Land Mines – 1 (Explosives that do considerable damage, and knockback)


Marksman – 15 Points

Tier One

Single Minded Focus – 5 (Increased damage for several shots)

Tier Two

Increased Fire Power – 5 (Critical Hits with ranged weapons increases attack power)

Repelling Shot – 1 (Knocks back the enemy 15m)

Tier Three

Penetrating Shots – 4 (Ranged Physical Attacks ignore some armor)


Riftstalker – 13

Tier One

Unseen Fury – 5 (Increases Attack Power)

Tier Two

Boosted Recovery – 3 (All Healing Effects improved)

Great Fortitude – 2 (Increased Endurance)

Tier Three

Rift Scavenger – 3 (Heals based on combo points when mob dies)



This build requires a lot of preparation before a fight, but is one that packs a LOT of punch.  By setting land mines and a trap just outside agro range of an enemy, then using all 5 charges (spike charges work well), followed by Annihilation Bomb then Detonate. normal mobs will be significantly below half.  Then as you back up, through the mines, the mobs are quickly destroyed.  With the marksman’s ranged combat abilities, you can build additional combo points as you back up, pulling the mob into the mines.  And Riftstalker rewards health based on the number of combo points on a mob when it dies.

Multiple mobs work fairly well also, as Annihilation Bomb and Demolition Specialist improve the number of targets hit.  However, the mines do not affect multiple targets, so there may be mobs that need to be finished via bow.

For a Ranged DPS Rogue Build, Boom Boom Pow! is very enjoyable and makes the combat more unique in Rift.


Cleric Melee Build – Battlepriest

Cleric Melee Build – Battlepriest

Our blessed Lady Leonne Silvertear, Priestess of the Vigil, has divined a solution to the problems faced by many clerics who wish to use the strength of their faith in melee combat to smite evil rather than solely support other heroes.  In short, she has found a melee build for clerics that proves capable and durable in combat, while giving up some healing capabilities.

Shaman ~ Justicar ~ Sentinel

The game recommends Shaman, Justicar, and Druid as a synergistic build. But then you have to choose if you want Greater Fairy, Battle Charge, or Commitment; you can’t have them all. So my choice was to leave off the Druid and add in Sentinel. It’s probably because I’m prejudiced, I like to be able to heal a bit and occasionally nuke.

So this is my thought for a melee build cleric for Rift. Max level will be 26 Shaman, 25 Justicar, and 15 Sentinel. I love charge on my warrior, and hate to walk into battle. So I bee-lined it for Battle Charge, but that requires 26 points.

Shaman 26 Points

* Tier 1

Thick Skinned 3/3

Dauntless Courage 5/5

Unyielding 5/5

* Tier 2

Favored of the Valnir 2/2

Glacial Shield 1/1

Overwhelming 5/5

* Tier 3

Vengeance of the Frozen Earth 1/1

* Tier 4

Endless Winter 2/2

* Tier 5

Lust for Blood 1/3

* Tier 6

Battle Charge 1/1

Next would be Sentinel points to 15, but alternate with Justicar points to 25, giving a balance of buffing, smacking, and healing.

Sentinel 15 Points

* Tier 1

Benediction 5/5

Watchful Gaze 5/5

* Tier 2

Walk in the Light 5/5

Justicar 25 Points

* Tier 1

Hammer of Virtue 5/5

Armor of Virtue 5/5

* Tier 2

Healer’s Creed 2/2

Life’s Devotion 3/3

Doctrine of Bliss 1/1

* Tier 3

Reparation 1/1

Stalwart Citadel 3/3

* Tier 4


* Tier 5

Commitment 5/5


This makes the Battlepriest a good balanced melee cleric build in Rift with Battle Charge for melee from the Shaman soul, enough healing from the Sentinel soul, and a good balance of damage and melee from the Justicar soul.

Mage Support Build – Hierophant

Mage Support Build – Hierophant

Mages are frequently called upon to support the party, through crowd control, buffs, secondary heals, or other effects, and a true mage is capable of providing all of these benefits when needed.  For that purpose, the power of our ancestors has been rediscovered and is being utilized to help our allies in struggles against the minions of the dragons.

Primary Soul: Dominator

Secondary Soul: Chloromancer

Tertiary Soul: Archon

Dominator: 29 points

Tier One:

Efficient Control: 5 (Reduces mana cost and resistance rate of crowd control spells)

Tier Two:

Acumen: 5 (Increases Intelligence by 10%)

Tier Three:

Controlled Opportunity: 5 (Increases damage taken by crowd controlled targets)

Improved Mana Wrench: 3 (Increased damage dealt, energy drained, and mana recovered)

Tier Four:

Quicken Form: 1 (Reduces casting time of Transmogrify to instant)

Transference: 1 (Reduces enemy charge, mana, energy, or power and does damage based on amount drained)

Tier Five:

Iron Will: 5 (Significantly improves mana regeneration while Overpowering Will is active)

Reflective Presence: 1 (Provides a 60% chance that spells are reflected back on enemies)

Tier Six:

Split Personality: 1 (Creates 3 shades that bombard the mages enemies)

Splintered Mind: 2 (Reduces the casting time of Split Personality, and its cooldown time)


Chloromancer: 19 Points

Tier One:

Natural Awareness: 5 (Increases Intelligence by 25% for 6 seconds after any life spell is cast)

Tier Two:

Bloom: 1 (Single Target heal)

Healing Slipstream: 2 (Reduces casting time of Bloom and Flourish to Instant)

Empowered Veil: 3 (Improves Entropic Veil Damage and Lifegiving Veil’s healing)

Tier Three:

Phytogenesis: 3 (Improves Radiant Spores heal percent, and will affect multiple targets)

Synthesis: 1 (Improves healing on one target, useful on main tank)

Tier Four:

Nature’s Touch 1 (Damaging attack that heals the Synthesis target)

Call of Spring 3 (Increases the amount of healing spells and effects)


Archon – 18 Points

Tier One:

Blood Pact – 2 (Improves group endurance buff)

Favored Ally – 3 (Increases radius of buff auras and reduces casting time to instant)

Tier Two:

Strength of Stone – 3 (Increases stats from pillaging stone)

Exhilaration – 5 (Returns mana on a spell critical hit)

Tier Three:

Leeching Flames – 1 (Does damage to an enemy while returning mana to mage)

Martyr’s Solace – 3 (Increases damage absorbed by Consuming Flames)

Tier Four:

Rock Slide – 1 (Damage over time that increases intelligence of the mage)



This particular mage build focuses heavily on healing, crowd control, buffing, and shielding allies.  However, it is not lacking on damage output either.  Due to all three of these souls, a mage can drastically boost his intelligence and therefore his Spell Power and Spell Crit ratings.  This provides the Hierophant exceptional support ability and damage as a mage build.

Warrior Tank Build – Crusader

Warrior Tank Build – Crusader

We here at Lordrcane.com are always in pursuit of other builds to keep the game flexible and enjoyable.  This particular build is very similar in function to the Battle Turtle build that was posted here, prior to the update 1.1 changes.

Primary Soul: Paladin

Secondary Soul: Warlord

Tertiary Soul: Champion


Paladin Abilities From 1 (36 points)

Stalwart Shield – 5 (10% block)

Shield of the Hero – 1 (5% Block 5% to hit)

Defender – 4 (8% armor)

Martial Shield – 1 (25% chance to get an attack point on block)

Defender – 1 more point, 5th total (10% armor)

Graceful Under Pressure – 3 (9% to hit)

Vengeful Wrath – 3 (30% more damage from reactive attacks)

Unyielding Defense – 2 ((8% less damage from blocks)

Balance of Power – 3 (160% weapon damage back from blocks)

Karmic Resolution – 2 (heal 30% of the damage from Reprisal and Disarming Counter Blow)

Tip the Balance – 2 (heal 100% of damage from Balance of Power)

Unyielding Defense – 3 more points (total of 5) (20% less damage from blocks)

Paladin’s Reprisal – 1 (AOE Reactive attack)

Aggressive Guardian – 2 (20% more Threat)

Hardened Will – 3 (9% less damage from spells)


Warlord from 3rd level (28 Points)

Powerful Countenance 5 (10% more armor)

Defensive Experience 5 (5% more block)

Dramatic Presence 5 (Improves the effect of your Aspects by 50%)

That Which Doesn’t Kill Me 5 (Recover 25% of critical hit damage)

Enhanced Dodge 5 (5% more dodge – every little bit helps)

Rapid Recovery 3 (when you block you regain 10 energy)


Champion (2 Points)

Titan’s Strength – 2 (4% extra strength)

Champion provides a more damaging finisher than either Paladin or Warlord.



With the added benefits to armor from Warlord and Paladin, the added block from Warlord and Paladin (as well as the additional strength from Champion adding to block), and the healing and energy regeneration from blocking, this build is very durable.  Our tank specialist, Felgar, is currently seeing a block percentage of 41.88% (shield of the chosen up, 51.88% after aggressive block) and damage reduction of ~58% on a block, including unyielding defense.  Currently, he is 48th level and not raid geared.  In the Crusader warrior tank build, he is able to gain and maintain agro off several elites at one time, and is easily healed by our cleric.

Rift Ranged DPS Build – Master of Beast and Bow

Rift Ranged DPS Build – Master of Beast and Bow

Greetings Adventurers!  Today we have another build, straight from the war against the rifts.  This Ranged DPS build is heavily based on ranger and relies on the Ranger pet for tanking while soloing or extra dps while in a group.

Ranger 39/Bladedancer 18/Assassin 9

Ranger: 39 points

Eagle Eye 5 – +5% Critical
Improved Quick Shot 3 – 30% bleed damage from Quick Shot
Killing Focus 2 – 4% more Ranged Damage
Blood Rage 3 – Your pet does 15% more damage when the target is bleeding
Bestial Fury 2 – You and your pet do 5% more damage after finishing with Head Shot
Double Shot 5 – 50% chance to shoot twice with auto attacks
Hail of Arrows 1 – One of the Best targeted AoE’s in the game
King of the Jungle 1 – Various improvements to your pet’s damage and durability
Prey on the Weak 3 – You do 15% more damage for 20 seconds after your pet crits
Hasten Call 1 – Call your pet instantly every 2 minutes, a real butt saver
Master Huntsman 5 – Various pet improvements
Call: Blood Raptor 1 – A very good DPS pet terrible at tanking though use in groups
Enduring 5 – 5% more health for you 25% more health for your pet
Trick Shot 1 – Useful when you don’t want to get agro on everything in the area
Improved Trick Shot 1 – More combo points = more damage

Bladedancer: 18 points

Combat Expertise 5 – 5% better chance to hit, if you don’t hit you do no damage
Blade Finesse 5 – 50% More damage with your auto attacks
Ambidextrous 5 – 15% more Dex = more crits and attack power
Combat Culmination 3 – Even more crit and other stuff

Assassin: 9 points

Ruthlessness 5 – 5% more crit chance
Murderous Intent 2 – 4% more physical damage
Serrated Blades 2 – More damage from melee attacks (ok you won’t use it much but you really want the
second poison)


As you can see, the focus of the build is pets, and all the physical damage you can toss at a mob.  Emphasis on physical crit helps the consistency of critical hits and therefore high dps.  We hope the Ranged DPS Build – Master of Beast and Bow for Rift.

Rift Ranged DPS Build, Markman – Death from Above

Rift Ranged DPS Build, Marksman – Death from Above


This is the first of a few different PVE Ranged DPS Builds that we are working on. The Marksman is my preferred method, but there are other focuses that will be revealed at a future date.


Marksman – 32 Total

Ranger – 24 Total

Various – 10 Total (Assassin, Riftstalker, or Saboteur)


Marksman – 32

From Level 1

Tier 1

Single Minded Focus – 5

Tier 2

Sharpshooter – 3

Increased Fire Power – 5

Tier 3

Penetrating Shot – 5

Tier 4

Master Archer – 5

Tier 5

Killer Instinct – 3

Sniper Training – 2

Tier 6

Crossfire – 1

Collateral Damage – 2

Tier 7

Strafe – 1


Ranger – 24

From Level 3

Tier 1

Eagle Eye – 5

Tier 2

Killing Focus – 2

Improved Quick Shot – 3

Tier 3

Bestial Fury – 2

Blood Rage – 3

Tier 4

Doubleshot – 2

Opportunity – 3

Tier 5

Rain of Arrows – 1

Prey on the Weak – 3


Option 1 – Assassin – 10

From Level 43

Tier 1

Ruthlessness – 5

Tier 2

Cloak and Dagger – 3

Murderous Intent – 2


Option 2 – Riftstalker

From Level 43

Tier 1

Unseen Fury – 5

Toughened Soul – 5


Option 3 – Saboteur

From Level 43

Tier 1

Nimble Fingers – 5

Tier 2

Barbed Trap – 1

Remote Clipping – 2


As you can see, we have many options to finish up this build. Assassin adds extra damage and poisons, Riftstalker gives more attack power and armor class, and Saboteur provides additional means of damaging an enemy.

We hope these suggestions for Ranged DPS builds in Rift help inspire you to yet another way to enjoy the game.


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Rift Mage Build – Scorched Earth

Rift Mage Build – Scorched Earth

I personally love playing mages in fantasy games. And there are many different ways to play a mage in Rift. I have played a variety of mage builds in Beta, but the one I found to be the most effective from a combat standpoint is the AOE devastating caster build I list here. Again, I play with emphasis on PVE, but it is quite effective in that realm.

Key Features:

Pet for tanking or added damage (earth and air respectively)

Excellent elemental damage from both Elementalist and Stormcaller

Improved critical damage to spells, especially air/lightning from both Elementalist and Stormcaller

Mana regeneration from Elementalist

Healing from Chloromancer

Core Class: Elementalist

Secondary Class: Stormcaller

Tertiary Class: Chloromancer

Elementalist: 39 Total

Biting Cold – 5 points

Ice Shield – 1 point

Elemental Link – 5 points

Ashen Armor – 3 points

Exposure – 1 point

Weathered – 5 points

Improved Quicken Elements – 2 points

Greater Elemental Affinity – 1 point

Force of Nature – 5 points

Fiery Assault – 1 point

Synergize – 1 point

Tempest – 3 points

Planar Expansion – 5 points

Intensify Elements – 1 point

Stormcaller: 17

High Voltage – 5

Cold Weather Training – 5

Lightning Mastery – 5

Shell Shock – 2

Chloromancer: 10

Natural Awareness – 5

Bloom – 1

Healing Slipstream – 2

Empowered Veil – 2

Combat with this style of mage will change depending on if you are attacking single mobs or groups. Against Solo Mobs:

Radiant Spores


Lightning Strike

Thunderbolt (3 times) or Raging Storm

Cloudburst (repeatedly)

Against Multiple mobs:

Radiant Spores

Burning Ground

Forked Lightning (3 times)

Lightning Field (repeatedly)

Fiery Assualt (as desired)

Questions, queries, comments, and criticisms are all welcome at Contact Lord Rcane

Rcane on Estrael

Flue on Estrael