Rift Mage DPS Build – Turn and Burn

Rift Mage DPS Build – Turn and Burn

Many of the mage souls work well together, or synergize.  One of these combinations resulted in nerfs to pyromancers and dominators in Update 1.2.  However, they still make a nasty combination as this build demonstrates.  The Turn and Burn works on the principle of denying the enemy a chance to inflict damage upon you (from Dominator) while maximizing damage done to him (from Pyromancer).  Warlock works well as a third soul, allowing a decent chance to make the heavy hitting Pyromancer nukes instantly castable, and providing some healing should an enemy get close enough to hurt.

Main Soul – Pyromancer – 39 points

Secondary Soul – Dominator – 17 points

Tertiary Soul – Warlock – 10 points

Pyromancer – 39 points – From 1st Level

Tier One

Improved Fireball – 3 – Increases Critical Hit of Fireball

Ignition – 5 – Decreases casting time of Fire Spells

Tier Two

Combust – 3 – Chance for Fireball to cause Damage over Time (DoT)

Improved Grounding – 3 – Improved Mana Regen while in a grounding effect

Tier Three

Improved Smoldering Powder – 5 – Decreases mana cost of spells, when active

Tier Four

Fire Storm – 1 – AOE Fire attack

Burning Bright – 3 – Increased Damage at cost of max health

Improved Flame Bolt – 3 – Increases Fire Damage for 10 seconds

Tier Five

Pyromancer’s Armor – 1 – Chance to make Cinderburst instant cast and instant recharge

Wildfire – 2 – Chance, when casting Fireball, to make Flamebolts instant cast.

Tier Six

Backdraft – 1 – AOE damage and stun

Improved Ground of Power – 5 – Increases damage dealt, and decreases damage taken when in Ground of Power

Fire Shield – 3 – Chance to cast absorption on self when hit

Tier Seven

Heat Wave – 1 – Resets cooldowns, reduces casting time, and improves global cooldown


Dominator – 17 Points

Tier One

Clinging Form – 3 – Increases duration and reduces cooldown of Transmogrify

Quick Thinking – 2 – Reduces casting time of next spell, after a control spell

Tier Two

Acumen – 5 – Increased Intelligence

Tier Three

Controlled Opportunity – 5 – Next damaging spell does 50% more damage

Improved Mana Wrench – 1 – Improves Mana Wrench for better mana drain

Tier Four

Quicken Form – 1 – Reduces casting time of Transmogrify to instant


Warlock – 10 points

Tier One

Magical Affinity – 5 – Increases charge generation

Tier Two

Opportunity – 5 – Chance to make next spell instacast



This particular build takes some practice.  It is very effective against a single target, but quickly collapses when multiple mobs get close if they are soloing.  In a group, with a decent tank and healer, they can really shine in both single target or aoe damage.  Either way, the Turn and Burn is a specialized Mage DPS Build for Rift.