Rift Polished Shadethorn Recipe

Rift Polished Shadethorn Recipe

Greetings Adventurers!  And special greetings to all the foragers out there.  Today, we have the secret of the greatest wood yet discovered.  This wood is used in the most powerful weapons craftable, be they staff or bow.  Without further adieu, here is the information you seek…

Item: Exceptional Shadethorn Sample

Quest: Wood Encounters of the Fourth Kind

Found On: Shadethorn Branch

In: Iron Pine Peaks

Requires: Foraging 280

Leads To: Quest “Flue” and Renwhist Coverdale, Inc.


Shadethorn Lumber x 10

Sagebrush Lumber x 10


Recipe: Polished Shadethorn Lumber

Requires: Foraging 280

To Make:

Shadethorn Log x 1

Sagebrush Lumber x 1

Heavy Lacquer x 1


We hope the discovery of the Polished Shadethorn Recipe in Rift will help all our forager fans and the crafters who depend on them, good luck!

Crafting Requiring Runeguard Faction

It has recently come to our attention that several crafting quests that required Runeguard faction (Friendly), are no longer requiring this as a minimum.  Specifically, we first noticed this on our Cinerium recipe, but looked back at some of our stored crafting recipes (Bronze in particular) and found that the requirement has vanished.  At this time, we are unsure of whether this was intentional or not, but the Guardians are all praying to the Vigil that the requirement does not return…. Defiants are researching the issue and deliberating, or whatever Defiants do.

We here at Lordrcane.com will update this information if it changes, but let us rejoice for the moment and enjoy it!

This has been a public service announcement about Crafting in Rift.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled carnage and mayhem.  Again, at this time, the Runeguard Faction requirements for many if not all crafting recipes has been removed, and we hope it does not return.

Rift Polished Mahogany Quest

Rift Polished Mahogany Quest

Today, Lords and Ladies, we bring you a special treat.  A good friend of Lord Rcane has found a rare wood sample and has agreed to share that information with all of us foragers, weaponsmiths, and artificers.  Many thanks to Lady Iodre for her work on this discovery, and we hope to hear more from her in the future!

Item:  Exceptional Mahogany Sample

Location:  Moonshade Highlands

Quest Given: Woodworking 101

Quest Required: Foraging 115

Items required for Quest:

Mahogany Lumber 10

Oak Lumber 10

Quest Reward:  Recipe: Polished Mahogany Lumber

Requires Foraging 115

Requires The Runeguard: Friendly

To Make:

1 Mahogany Log

1 Oak Log

1 Creeperseed Oil




On behalf of all the foragers, and those crafters who will benefit from this discovery, I would like to again thank Lady Iodre for her efforts.  May we all find the Polished Mahogany that we crave through this quest in Rift.

Rift Harvesting Minimums

Rift Harvesting Minimums

Greeting Telarans!  From our explorations and crafting exploits we bring you the skills needed to harvest these materials, and a few locations to find them.  As with most of our information, it is decidedly biased toward Guardians, but as much information as we have for our Defiant opponents has also been included.

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We hope this harvesting information, along with the upgraded materials recipes we have been finding will help our crafter friends get everything they can from Rift.  With the harvesting skills and level minimums, this should help you plan your Rift crafting plans.

Rift Pure Distillate Quest

Rift Pure Distillate Quest


Hail foragers!  We have found the secrets to make Pure Distillate to aid our apothecaries in their work.  I am sure many apothecaries have been searching for this item, and your help can provide it.

Quest: It’s Pure, but what is it?

Item: Pure Sap

Off: Tattertwist

In: Moonshade Highlands

Leads to Quest: Journeyman Distiller

Tattertwist Leaves x 10

Roc Orchid Petals x 10

Reward: Recipe Pure Distillate

Requires: Foraging 185

Requires: Runeguard Friendly

To Make:

Tattertwist Leaves x 1

Roc Orchid Petals x 2

Aqua Fortis x 1


Rift Pristine Distillate Quest

Herein lies the secret of the elusive Pristine Distillate Quest in Rift.  Foragers, rejoice, but be warned this requires some patience to acquire.

Pristine Distillate Quest

Quest: Elegent Evolution

Item: Pristine Sap

From: Tempest Flower

Zone: Stillmoor

Requires Foraging 280


Leads To: Master Distiller

10 Tempestflower Stems

10 Twilight Bloom Roots


Reward: Recipe: Pristine Distillate

Requires: Foraging 260

Requires: The Runeguard: Friendly


To Make:

Tempestflower Stems x 1

Twilight Bloom Roots x 2

Aqua Regia x 1


Yields: Pristine Distillate (1)


Good luck foragers, I know there are many apothecaries out there waiting for the Pristine Distillate, and now you have the information on this quest to help all your companions in Rift.


Rift Polished Runebirch Quest

Here is the information we have found on the Polished Runebirch Quest in Rift.

Item:  Exceptional Runebirch Sample

Found while harvesting a Runebirch log

Location:  Moonshade Highlands

Quest Given: Tale of Two Timbers

Quest Required: Foraging 200

Items required for Quest:

Runebirch Lumber 10

Kingswood Lumber 10

Quest Reward:  Recipe: Polished Runebirch Lumber

Requires Foraging 185

Requires The Runeguard: Friendly

To Make:

1 Kingswood Log

1 Runebirch Log

1 Light Varnish

We found it interesting that there is a discrepancy on being able to make the item and being able to take the quest, as far as foraging skill is concerned.  Best of luck Rift Foragers, we hope this information about the Polished Runebirch Quest helps!