Laethys – The Golden Queen

Laethys – The Golden Queen

In the depths beneath the deserts of Shimmersand, the Golden Queen lies imprisoned.  In the darkness, beneath the prison known as the Flat Yard, some of the highest ranking priests of Laethys have assembled.  A man in a black cloak rises before the masses, immediately commanding the attention of all present.

The cloaked figure begins to speak, “My friends and fellow members of the Golden Maw, I welcome you.  Tonight is a glorious night!  I have found a way to return our Queen to us, and bring about the fall of Telara.  As my ancestors, the great Princes of Eth, were once able to control the bindings of the planes, so shall I.”

“We have heard all this before, Hazeed,” one man interrupts loudly.  “Where is the proof of your claim?”

Hazeed holds up a strangely shaped dagger.  “Here!  Here is the proof you seek!  The dagger Raz’ahan, held by the Ethian Princes for many years, will allow me to break the bindings of our Queen!”

Murmurs erupt within the crowd.  “You speak madness!  Surely freeing our Queen is not that easy,” another voice shouts.  “Can anyone verify the words of this madman?” another voice shouts.

Silence fills the gathering hall.  Many of the cultists stand and leave.  Only a handful remain in the room.  Hazeed turns and looks at the few remaining, then smiles.  “My Queen only said I need tell them; she did not say I needed to convince the fools.  More reward for us!  Now, we must move quickly to assemble the device.  Slither, I place you in command of the Flat Yard.  The secrecy of the device must be kept.”

“Now, I also need the blood of a pure ascended to power the device.  Is there not one in Fortune’s Shore?  I wonder if Tam Daggerborne is really as pure as he claims……”

His thoughts turn inward, as he sets his plans in motion to free Laethys, the Golden Queen.