Rift Imbued Leather Quest

Rift Imbued Leather Quest

Possibly the most sought after rare recipe in Telara, and the most difficult to acquire, is that of Imbued Leather.  This rare leather is used by outfitters, artificers, weaponsmiths, and armorsmiths to make their highest quality product.  After many weeks of searching, we have finally found this item, and it is our pleasure to share as much information as we can about this rare leather.

Item: Strange Hide Swatch

Found On: Endless Broodmother, Level 50

In: Stillmoor

Requires: Butchering 280

Gives Quest: A Tanner’s Treasure

Leads to Quest: A Peerless Leather

Currently Bugged


Thick Leather x 10

Exotic Leather x 10


Should Require:

Steeled Leather x 10

Soulbind Leather x 10


Recipe: Imbued Leather

Requires: Butchering 280

To Make:

Soulhide x 1

Ironhide x 1

Silken Thread x 2

Leather Quest Details

As with all leather recipes, this one should drop off any skinnable mob that produces ironhide (or possibly soulbind).  Because only level 50+ animals can produce ironhide, this particular drop is very uncommon.  We received our drop off a rare mob in Stillmoor, as listed above, but there are a significant number of 50th level animals in Stillmoor, Shimmersand, and Iron Pine Peaks.  Any confirmation about these possible other sources would be very welcome.

Imbued Leather is one of three Rare Leather Recipe Quests available for more powerful crafting recipes.  Each of these leathers require you to find a rare sample then complete a quest requiring ten of two different types of leather.  The recipe then requires two leathers and a purchasable item to make the finished product.  The completed product can then be used by several different crafters to make better equipment for players.

These rare leathers are, in rising order of power, Fine Leather, Reinforced Leather, and Imbued Leather, and the information we have on the Rift Quest for each can be found by following each link.