Marauder MAD-5M for MechWarrior Online

Marauder MAD-5M Builds for MechWarrior Online

Next on our list of Marauder builds for MechWarrior Online is the MAD-5M. The original configuration of this ‘mech is designed for close range fighting. It has 2 Large Pulse Lasers, 2 Medium Pulse Lasers, and an LB-10X Autocannon. Not a bad start, let’s see what we can do with it.

MAD-5M (Sniper Build)

The five energy and two ballistic hardpoints provide several options. For the sniper build, we have replaced the LB-10X with a Gauss Rifle. We have also traded out the Large Pulse Lasers for ER Large Lasers and removed the CASE system (not terribly useful in MWO with an IS XL engine). For additional ammo and a heatsink, the Medium Pulse Lasers have been changed to Medium Lasers.

Engine: 300 XL

Armor: 368 of 462 Standard

Heatsinks: 17 Double

Structure: Standard

Jump Jets: 4 of 4


Left Arm: ER Large Laser, Medium Laser

Right Torso: Gauss Rifle

Right Arm: ER Large Laser, Medium Laser

To be placed: 2.5 tons of Gauss ammo (25 shots), 5 Double Heatsinks (12 covered by engine).

Notes: Heat is a minor issue, if all lasers are fired. Testing for this variant was done on the Banshee BNC-3E chassis. If the Medium Lasers are fired sparingly, or as a replacement to the ER Large Lasers when range permits, heat quickly becomes a non-issue.

Caustic Valley: Five alpha-strikes will overheat the mech, barely. I could not test jumping, but that will add heat also.

Frozen City: It took seven alpha-strikes to overheat here. Firing just the ER Large Lasers did slowly build heat, but it only barely.

Possible Changes: Removing the Jump Jets allows for maximum armor and an additional Double Heatsink or another ton of ammo. The effectiveness of this choice depends entirely on the pilot.

MAD-5M (Poptart Build)

Engine: 300 XL

Armor: 368 of 462 Standard

Heatsinks: 17 Double

Structure: Standard

Jump Jets: 3 of 4


Left Arm: ER PPC

Right Torso: Gauss Rifle

Right Arm: ER PPC

To be placed: 1.5 tons of Gauss ammo (15 shots), 5 Double Heat Sinks (12 covered by engine).

Notes: Tested again with the BNC-3E chassis. Heat will be a huge problem with this build, but is manageable. If you are an effective sniper, you can one-shot the head from most mechs or the rear center torso from smaller mechs. This variant is lightly armored which means it will lack lasting power in prolonged fights.

Caustic Valley: Firing four Strikes with the ER-PPCs overheat the mech and cause damage. Due to recharge time on the Jump Jets, this will not be much of an issue with poptarting, but should be watched.

Frozen City: Five strikes with the ER-PPCs will overheat the mech here, but does not cause damage.

Possible Changes: The 300 XL engine can be downgraded to a 250 XL engine. This will still provide enough room for the 3 Jump Jets and 17 Double Heatsinks but will allow for maximum armor.

MAD-5M (Brawler)

The basic configuration of the MAD-5M Marauder provides a great basis for firepower at close range. However, it also lacks full armor. This variant pulls off the two Large Pulse Lasers and replaces them with three Medium Pulse Lasers (5 total). The armor is maximized and the engine is upgraded to a

Engine: 350 XL

Armor: 462 of 462 Standard

Heatsinks: 18 Double

Structure: Endo-Steel

Jump Jets: 4 of 4


Left Arm: 3 Medium Pulse Lasers

Right Torso: LB 10-X Autocannon

Right Arm: 2 Medium Pulse Lasers

To be placed: 4 heatsinks (14 covered by engine), 1.5 tons of LB 10-X ammo (22 rounds).

Notes: Tested with the Misery (STK-M) and the Orion ON1-K (but missing a laser).

Caustic Valley: Fifth Alpha-strike overheats and damages the mech, but that is enough to take out an Atlas center torso from the front. This did not include Jump Jets, which will obviously add more heat.

Frozen City: The Sixth full Alpha-strike will overheat the mech, but the LB fires faster than the medium pulse lasers.


As always, these are some sample builds I worked out based on the weapon systems the chassis should support. Until we have quirks and when the Marauder becomes available on December 1st, 2015, it is all theorycrafting. If nothing else, hopefully these various builds of the MAD-5M will help inspire something in MechWarrior Online.