Marauder MAD-BH2 “Bounty Hunter” for MechWarrior Online

Marauder MAD-BH2 “Bounty Hunter”

The MAD-BH2 “Bounty Hunter” Marauder, which is coming to MechWarrior Online on December 1st, 2015, is the last of the Unseen Marauder mechs to be covered prior to launch.  As with many of the hero mechs in MWO, it is a special variant with several distinct changes. In this case, in order to fit the description provided, the lower arm actuators appear to have been removed.

For starters, we have a smaller engine which gives more tonnage for weapons, but requires more critical locations for heat sinks. We have a total of 7 energy hard points, 1 ballistic hard point, and 1 AMS hard point.

MAD-BH2 (Brawler)

This variant focus on short range devastation. In order to fit an Autocannon/20 we changed the engine from the XL 225 to a Standard 300. Changing the internal structure to Endo Steel helps maintain the available tonnage. We used 6 Medium Lasers for heat and tonnage purposes, the 7th would add ghost heat. The Jump Jets were removed, but they can be retained via various means (see alternatives).

Engine: 300 Standard

Armor: 462 of 462 Standard

Heatsinks: 17 Double

Structure: Endo Steel

Jump Jets: 0 of 4


Left Arm: 3 x Medium Lasers

Left Torso: AMS

Right Torso: Autocannon/20

Right Arm: 3 x Medium Lasers

To be placed: 5 heatsinks (left torso or arms, 12 covered by engine), 1 ton of AMS ammo, 3 tons of AC/20 Ammo.

Notes: I did not have an effective way of testing this variant, mostly because of quirks on my other mechs. On paper, it looks very heat efficient, but it depends a lot on how often the weapon systems are fired.

Alternatives: To keep the jump jets, there are a few options:

Remove the AMS and ammo, and reduce the AC/20 ammo to 2.5 tons. This will free up tonnage for 2 jump jets. Removing 1 heat sink will give the third jump jet.

The engine can be reduced, but due to critical slots, heatsinks will have to be reduced to 15.

MAD-BH2 (Brawler 2)

This configuration is designed around high rate of fire weapons that are extremely effective at critical hits. We have replaced the Gauss Rifle with an LB 10X-AC. We have converted the six arm energy slots to Medium Pulse Lasers and removed the laser in the head. The engine has also been upgraded to a 300 XL.

Engine: 300 XL

Armor: 462 of 462 Standard

Heatsinks: 18 Double

Structure: Standard

Jump Jets: 3 of 4


Left Arm: 3 x Medium Pulse Lasers

Left Torso: AMS

Right Torso: LB 10-X AC

Right Arm: 3 x Medium Pulse Lasers

To be placed: 6 Double Heat Sinks (Arms and Torso, 12 covered by engine), 2 tons of LB ammo, 1 ton of AMS ammo

Notes: Tested with a BL-7-KNT-L as a substitute. I was unable to include the LB-10X for heat purposes, but I was able to test heat on the Medium Pulse Lasers.

Caustic Valley: Firing all Medium Pulse Lasers will cause the ‘Mech to overheat on the 4th attack, and take damage. That said, 4 strikes took down the Awesome, but not quite the Atlas. With the added damage of the LB, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Frozen City: It took five full volleys to overheat and take damage. Again, this is not including the LB or Jump Jets.

Alternatives: The chassis has the room for 2 more heat sinks, but not the tonnage. Removing the AMS and ammo will give enough weight to add 1 heat sink. The other half ton can go to ammo for the LB (2.5 tons) or the ammo can be reduced to 1.5 tons and the 2nd heat sink added.

MAD-BH2 (Alternate Sniper)

The base configuration of the MAD-BH2 is designed as a poptart or sniper build. In this version, we pull out the 2 x ER-PPCs and 2 Medium Lasers and replace them with 3 Large Lasers (ER Large Lasers are also possible, but will cause more heat.)

Engine: 225 XL

Armor: 462 of 462 Standard

Heatsinks: 16 Double

Structure: Standard

Jump Jets: 3 of 4


Left Arm: 2 X Large Laser

Right Torso: Gauss Rifle

Right Arm: 1 X Large Laser

To be placed: 7 Double Heatsinks (9 covered by engine), 3 tons of Gauss Rifle ammo.

Notes: This time, I used the Zeus ZEU-5S as the test bed. I have not leveled this mech at all. The results reflect no previous pilot skills.

Caustic Valley: Four full alpha-strikes causes the ‘mech to overheat and take damage. This was enough to finish the Awesome, but heat will be a concern on this build. If used as a sniper rather than a brawler, the pilot should be fine.

Frozen City: Six alpha-strikes were required to overheat and take damage. Four strikes (4 sets of lasers and 3 Gauss Rifle shots) were required to take down the Atlas. On a cold map, this build is much more effective.

Alternatives: As previously stated, it is easy to replace the Large Lasers with ER Large Lasers. It still took 4 alpha-strikes to overheat on Caustic Valley (5 on Frozen City), but the shut down time was longer. Depending on your range of engagement, this may be a very feasible upgrade.


The MAD-BH2 “Bounty Hunter” Marauder was designed as a poptart sniper, but it can be used in different roles. With seven energy hardpoints and a ballistic hardpoint, the mech is very flexible. The apparent lack of lower arm actuators will impact the ability for the mech to fire on smaller targets that are harassing it. Coming on December 1st, 2015 to MechWarrior Online, this and the other Marauders will be interesting additions to the game.