Rift Shaleweave Cloth Quest

Rift Shaleweave Cloth Quest

Our harvesting scouts, in continuing effort to bring the best and most useful items to the masses have discovered a cloth usable by outfitters in the creation of quality cloth armor for mages serving either the Guardians or Defiant.

Item: Tough Silken Cloth

Quest: Textile Texture

Found On: Dominated Trader, Level 43

In: Shimmersand

Requires: Outfitter 185

Leads To: A Silken Composite


Bolts of Silk x 10

Bolts of Composite Bolt x 10

Reward: Recipe: Bolt of Shaleweave

Requires: Outfitter 185

To Make:

Bolt of Silk x 1

Bolt of Composite Cloth x 1

Fine Thread x 1

Cloth Quest Details

As with all cloth recipes, we have every reason to believe it can drop from any humanoid or most undead within the appropriate level range, which, in this case should be 42-47, although it is possible it may drop as low as 36, this is unconfirmed.  We received our drop in Shimmersand, but Stillmoor and possibly Iron Pine Peaks should also have the potential to drop this recipe.

Shaleweave is one of three Rare Cloth Recipe Quests available for more powerful crafting recipes. Each of these cloths require you to find a rare sample then complete a quest requiring ten of two different types of cloth. The recipe then requires two cloths and a purchasable item to make the finished product. The completed product can then be used by outfitters to make better equipment for players.


These rare cloths are, in rising order of power, Lockweave (coming soon), Shaleweave, and Spiritweave, and the information we have on the Rift Quest for each can be found by following each link.


Rift Harvesting Minimums

Rift Harvesting Minimums

Greeting Telarans!  From our explorations and crafting exploits we bring you the skills needed to harvest these materials, and a few locations to find them.  As with most of our information, it is decidedly biased toward Guardians, but as much information as we have for our Defiant opponents has also been included.

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We hope this harvesting information, along with the upgraded materials recipes we have been finding will help our crafter friends get everything they can from Rift.  With the harvesting skills and level minimums, this should help you plan your Rift crafting plans.