Gearing up for Gaming Con 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah

salt-lake-gaming-con25,000 to 30,000 gamers are expected to descend on the South Towne Expo Center the first weekend of June 2016 for Salt Lake Gaming Con and YOU should be there.  Whether you are into board games, RPGs, console games, or PC games, this is the place in Utah.  Add in LARP and CosPlay, many panels on all of the above, and you have three days of exhaustion with your closest strangers.

printcopylogos-lowD3 Adventures, the current company Lord Rcane (aka Curtis Baum) is working through, will have a presence, as well as a lot of other events.  Announcements coming soon.

Beta for The Secret World

I like MMOs.  I like RPGs.  I like conspiracy, especially anything Templar or Masonic.  So this past weekend a beta for a game that includes all these was put out there for anyone that signed up on their forums.  I had to double check there was no NDA for The Secret World.

The Secret World Pre Order

So here is Leonne’s review of The Secret World: [Read more…]