Cleric Melee Build – Battlepriest

Cleric Melee Build – Battlepriest

Our blessed Lady Leonne Silvertear, Priestess of the Vigil, has divined a solution to the problems faced by many clerics who wish to use the strength of their faith in melee combat to smite evil rather than solely support other heroes.  In short, she has found a melee build for clerics that proves capable and durable in combat, while giving up some healing capabilities.

Shaman ~ Justicar ~ Sentinel

The game recommends Shaman, Justicar, and Druid as a synergistic build. But then you have to choose if you want Greater Fairy, Battle Charge, or Commitment; you can’t have them all. So my choice was to leave off the Druid and add in Sentinel. It’s probably because I’m prejudiced, I like to be able to heal a bit and occasionally nuke.

So this is my thought for a melee build cleric for Rift. Max level will be 26 Shaman, 25 Justicar, and 15 Sentinel. I love charge on my warrior, and hate to walk into battle. So I bee-lined it for Battle Charge, but that requires 26 points.

Shaman 26 Points

* Tier 1

Thick Skinned 3/3

Dauntless Courage 5/5

Unyielding 5/5

* Tier 2

Favored of the Valnir 2/2

Glacial Shield 1/1

Overwhelming 5/5

* Tier 3

Vengeance of the Frozen Earth 1/1

* Tier 4

Endless Winter 2/2

* Tier 5

Lust for Blood 1/3

* Tier 6

Battle Charge 1/1

Next would be Sentinel points to 15, but alternate with Justicar points to 25, giving a balance of buffing, smacking, and healing.

Sentinel 15 Points

* Tier 1

Benediction 5/5

Watchful Gaze 5/5

* Tier 2

Walk in the Light 5/5

Justicar 25 Points

* Tier 1

Hammer of Virtue 5/5

Armor of Virtue 5/5

* Tier 2

Healer’s Creed 2/2

Life’s Devotion 3/3

Doctrine of Bliss 1/1

* Tier 3

Reparation 1/1

Stalwart Citadel 3/3

* Tier 4


* Tier 5

Commitment 5/5


This makes the Battlepriest a good balanced melee cleric build in Rift with Battle Charge for melee from the Shaman soul, enough healing from the Sentinel soul, and a good balance of damage and melee from the Justicar soul.