Rift Warrior Tank Build – Witch Hunter

Rift Warrior Tank Build – Witch Hunter

All of our other tank builds have focused heavily on melee combat, either swarms of enemies or a few elites.  This build changes from fighting melee combatants to focusing on casters.  With better resistance to non-physical damage, it serves its purpose well.

The Witch Hunter (Warrior Build)

Paladin 36 points

Void Knight 30 Points

Champion 0 points (this last soul is up to you)


Paladin: 36 Points

Defender 5 (10% Armor Improvement)

Stalwart Shield 5 (10% more Block)

Aggressive Guardian 2 (20% more Threat)

Graceful under Pressure 3 (9% improved chance to hit while using a shield)

Hardened Will 3 (9% less damage from spells)

Martial Shield 1 (25% chance per block to gain an attack point)

Vengeful Wrath 3 (increases the damage of Retaliation, Disarming Counterblow and Paladin’s Reprisal
by 30%)

Unyielding Defense 5 (improves the damage reduction of a successful block by 20%)

Balance of Power 3 (Blocked attacks deal 75% of weapon damage back to the attacker)

Karmic Resolution 2 (Retaliation and Disarming Counterblow heal you for 30% of damage done)

Tip the Balance 2 (heal for 100% of the damage dealt by Balance of Power)

Shield of the Chosen 1 (improve Block by 5% and improve armor)

Paladin’s Reprisal 1 (AoE Reaction attack)


Void Knight – 30 point


Insatiable Hunger 5 (25% chance to gain a pact from a melee attack if the target has mana)

Energy Retention 5 (Pact duration increased by 15 seconds)

Ravenous Strength 3 (improves Strength by 5% per application with a max of 10 applications for 6
seconds when you gain a pact)

Blood From a Stone 5 (25% chance of gaining a pact from a melee attack)

Ravenous Defense 3 (Improves Armor by 5% per application with a maximum of 10 applications for 6
seconds when you gain a pact)

Devourer 5 (improves the damage reduction of Void by 15%)

Rift Summon 1 (pulls a target to you)

Replenish 3 (Heal 6% of your Endurance when you gain a pact)



This Build may be the toughest one yet. You will end up with a 29% reduction to spell damage (20%
reduction to all non-physical damage). If you can keep your Ravenous Defense and Ravenous Strength
your armor will be over 10k and your block will be in the 600 to 700 range. You heal when you Block,
hit with Reprisal or Disarming Counterblow as well as when you gain a pact. The massive boost to your
strength from Ravenous Strength will boost most of your healing as well as your damage output. And
you can heal yourself with Fusion of Flesh or Touch of Life if you are in need.

Warrior Tank Build – Crusader

Warrior Tank Build – Crusader

We here at Lordrcane.com are always in pursuit of other builds to keep the game flexible and enjoyable.  This particular build is very similar in function to the Battle Turtle build that was posted here, prior to the update 1.1 changes.

Primary Soul: Paladin

Secondary Soul: Warlord

Tertiary Soul: Champion


Paladin Abilities From 1 (36 points)

Stalwart Shield – 5 (10% block)

Shield of the Hero – 1 (5% Block 5% to hit)

Defender – 4 (8% armor)

Martial Shield – 1 (25% chance to get an attack point on block)

Defender – 1 more point, 5th total (10% armor)

Graceful Under Pressure – 3 (9% to hit)

Vengeful Wrath – 3 (30% more damage from reactive attacks)

Unyielding Defense – 2 ((8% less damage from blocks)

Balance of Power – 3 (160% weapon damage back from blocks)

Karmic Resolution – 2 (heal 30% of the damage from Reprisal and Disarming Counter Blow)

Tip the Balance – 2 (heal 100% of damage from Balance of Power)

Unyielding Defense – 3 more points (total of 5) (20% less damage from blocks)

Paladin’s Reprisal – 1 (AOE Reactive attack)

Aggressive Guardian – 2 (20% more Threat)

Hardened Will – 3 (9% less damage from spells)


Warlord from 3rd level (28 Points)

Powerful Countenance 5 (10% more armor)

Defensive Experience 5 (5% more block)

Dramatic Presence 5 (Improves the effect of your Aspects by 50%)

That Which Doesn’t Kill Me 5 (Recover 25% of critical hit damage)

Enhanced Dodge 5 (5% more dodge – every little bit helps)

Rapid Recovery 3 (when you block you regain 10 energy)


Champion (2 Points)

Titan’s Strength – 2 (4% extra strength)

Champion provides a more damaging finisher than either Paladin or Warlord.



With the added benefits to armor from Warlord and Paladin, the added block from Warlord and Paladin (as well as the additional strength from Champion adding to block), and the healing and energy regeneration from blocking, this build is very durable.  Our tank specialist, Felgar, is currently seeing a block percentage of 41.88% (shield of the chosen up, 51.88% after aggressive block) and damage reduction of ~58% on a block, including unyielding defense.  Currently, he is 48th level and not raid geared.  In the Crusader warrior tank build, he is able to gain and maintain agro off several elites at one time, and is easily healed by our cleric.