The Gildstone Sanctum Quest in Rift – Guardian

The Gildstone Sanctum Quest in Rift – Guardian

With the recently released Update 1.2, there was a new raid added and a quest to locate that raid.  Below are the details for the quest, leading to the raid location.  Details on the raid will come later, as we don’t want to spoil everything at once 8)

Quest One – Sight Beyond Sight

Fayne Doran is located right near the Porticulum Master in Sanctum Tower, she directs you to four objectives.

Objective One – Talk to Quartermaster Melke about purchasing Omen Sight

Quartermaster Melke is located north of Fayne Doran, on the bottom floor of the Sanctum Tower, he sells the Omen
Sight ability for 25,000 planarite.  Purchase it.  It will be required for the rest of the quest, and the following quest.

Objective Two – Hear the Prophecy of Beauty

Located near the throne in Sanctum, after activating Omen Sight, is Shayla the Fallen (Herald of Regulos).  Speak to her and she will talk about how all love and joy have been removed from the world.  After sacrificing all they had to achieve victory, there was nothing good left in Telara.  She asks you to seek the good in the world, rather than the evil.

Objective Three – Hear the Prophecy of Time

Located behind the Sanctum Tower, near Poor Tom, you will find Orphiel Farwind.  Talking to him reveals his fascination with the Vigil, and how they have blessed only Poor Tom with the vision of things to come.  However, Poor Tom has been driven insane but what he has seen.

Objective Four – Hear the Prophecy of Sand

Located South of the Sanctum Entry, the Messenger of Omens tells of a power of the Golden Queen, not seen since the ancients fell.  She tells you to look for a time of crisis.

Turn In – Fayne Doran

After turning in the quest to Fayne, she must meditate on the meaning of these visions you have revealed to her.  She explains that something is happening in Shimmersand that the Vigil must prevent. She then sends you on the quest titled Prophecy of Sand.

Quest Two – Prophecy of Sand

Now head to Fortune Shore to locate the sliver in the Gildstone Sanctum region in Shimmersand.  Specifically, you are looking for a sliver called the Gildstone Prophecy.  This sliver is located south of Sandaxle Pit, at roughly 7080, 6914.  This sliver also leads directly to the raid.

Turn In – Fayne Doran

Fayne Doran asks that you report if the minions of Laethys are planning something, that the Vigil needs to know.


Quick Raid Preview

The raid lists these 5 objectives as targets for the raid.  Trash mobs range from 80k to 185k hit points.  All are level 52 elites.  There is no detailed map in this area, it corresponds to the Gildstone Sanctum part of Shimmersand.

Anrak the Foul – Giant Scorpion – 1.2 Million Hit Points

Guurloth – Ogre – 1.4 Million Hit Points

Defile the Offering to Laethys




I wish ye Guardians the best of luck finding The Gildstone Sanctum in Rift, and completing the related quest.


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