The Marauder Enters the Battlefield of MechWarrior Online!

On September 10th, 2015, it was announced that one of the previously unseen ‘Mechs would be returning to MechWarrior Online – the Marauder! Since the announcement, they have become available for purchase with a release date of December 1st, 2015. So, which configurations of Marauders are available and how can we modify them?

Marauder MAD-3R

See for more details about how to purchase these mechs for your game.

See for more details about how to purchase these mechs for your game.

The “classic” Marauder is the MAD-3R configuration. Based in 3025 technology, this Marauder uses a standard engine, single heatsinks, and lacks jumpjets. The default configuration is detailed at, but below are the highlights.

Engine: 300 Standard

Armor: 368 of 462

Weapons: 2 PPCs, 2 Medium Lasers, 1 Autocannon/5

Heatsinks: 16 Single


3 Ballistic Hardpoints on the Right Torso –

Judging from the provided images and the overall design of the Marauder, these should be very high on the ‘Mech. There is potential for 3 AC/2 builds, 3 AC/5 builds, 2 Ultra AC/5s, or other options. The AC/5 and Ultra AC/5 builds would require a standard engine, but slightly less ballistic based builds could use an XL. We do not know how vulnerable the side torso will be, at this point.


Light Armor –

The MAD-3R comes about 20% less armor than maximum (about 3 tons). When reconfiguring, the MechWarrior will have to choose to go in a little lightly armored or find a way to dig up that 3 tons.

Standard Heatsinks –

Easy to correct, but with an attached C-bill cost. Considering the default configuration is high in heat, this will need to be addressed.


The MAD-3R has a lot of potential for either a sniper or brawler build, but it will cost some C-bills to get the ‘Mech to truly shine. The ballistic points will probably see the most diversity, ranging from AC/2 and Gauss to AC/10 and AC/20 varieties, and the 4 energy hardpoints will be used to compliment the ballistic choice.

Marauder MAD-5D

This variant is an energy based model with updated 3050 technology, including an XL Engine and Double Heatsinks. Additionally, Jump Jets have been added to increase the mobility of the Marauder MAD-5D.

Engine: 300 XL

Armor: 448 of 462

Weapons: 2 ER PPCs, 2 Medium Pulse Lasers, 1 Large Pulse Laser, 1 Streak SRM 2

Heatsinks: 16 Double


Updated Technology –

If you were to purchase this ‘Mech when it becomes available for C-bills, it would be much more expensive than the MAD-3R. However, for purposes of pre-ordering, the MAD-5D is a great chassis to start with. The XL Engine and Double Heatsinks are very nice additions.

Missile Hardpoints –

The MAD-5D is the only Marauder announced for MechWarrior Online that has missile hardpoints. These can be used as support for the energy weapons (such as the default Streak SRM-2) or as a main weapon system. Two missile hardpoints would be too few for serious LRM-boat builds, but they can still dish some damage. I predict we will see LRM-Boat builds, with serious laser support, as well as close range brawlers using the missile hardpoints for SRMs or Streaks.


Very Hot –

The default configuration of the Marauder MAD-5D will run very hot. It can be used as a laser vomit build, with 5 energy hardpoints, but heat will be a serious issue.

Diverse Weapons –

Weapon diversity is usually a strength in MWO, at least to a point. It is odd to see both ER-PPCs and Large Pulse Lasers on the same ‘Mech though. Most people will shift to one or the other. They weigh 7 tons each, so weight won’t be a problem, but it will cost some C-bills to make the switch, either way.


The Marauder MAD-5D will be the preferred configuration for energy happy pilots. The difference in hardpoint placement and the shape of the chassis will differentiate it from the Black Knight. With only 5 energy hardpoints, the MAD-5D will likely support larger weapons than a typical Black Knight or Thunderbolt laser brawler. I expect PPC based snipers and Large Pulse Laser based brawlers will be the norm. As mentioned earlier, the missiles throw an interesting variable in the mix. I also expect to see a few LRM-boats with very heavy energy support.

Marauder MAD-5M

The MAD-5M is very similar to the MAD-3R, but technologically upgraded. This variant has an XL Engine, Double Heatsinks, and Jump Jets. The default configuration changes the PPCs for Large Pulse Lasers and upgrades the AC/5 to an LB 10-X, but very similar designs.

Engine: 300 XL

Armor: 368 of 462

Weapons: 2 Large Pulse Lasers, 2 Medium Pulse Lasers, 1 LB 10-X Autocannon

Heatsinks: 16 Double


Updated Technology –

Although when the Marauder becomes available for C-bills this will be one of the most expensive, for our purposes it is an advantage. With an XL Engine and Double Heatsinks already included, it will cost less to upgrade.

Flexible Hardpoints –

The MAD-5M has the same number of energy hardpoints as the MAD-5D, but they are all in the arms. The right torso has 2 ballistic hardpoints enabling several options. It does not have as many ballistics as the MAD-3R, but most options will still work well. With an XL Engine by default, this does limit the ballistic to exclude the AC/20, but everything else will fit.


Weak Armor –

The MAD-5M has the same armor as the MAD-3R. This should be upgraded, but will require about 3 tons from somewhere else to accommodate the changes.


The MAD-5M is a solid Marauder. The XL Engine limits some of the weapon selections, but I expect to see several dual AC/5 builds as well as Gauss rifle builds. This will probably be the preferred sniper build with ballistics, jump jets, and plenty of energy hardpoints, for those lacking the Bounty Hunter.


The Bounty Hunter hero ‘Mech is an interesting design. It provides the bonus of all hero ‘Mechs, but for a Marauder it is slower and more heavily armored. It does utilize the 3050 technology and has Jump Jets as well.

Engine: 225 XL

Armor: 462 of 462 (Max)

Weapons: 2 ER PPCs, 2 Medium Lasers, 1 Gauss Rifle

Heatsinks: 15 Double


Sniper Build –

The Bounty Hunter has everyone’s favorite pop-tart toys. It does not have a lot of jump capability, but it does pack dual ER PPCs and a Gauss Rifle. This thing can dish some serious damage from range.

Energy Hardpoints –

The Bounty Hunter also has more energy hardpoints than any other Marauder, at 7. It could be used as a laser vomit brawler as well. To be effective in this role, however, it will need a faster engine.


Very Slow –

The MAD-BH2 is the slowest of the Marauders, dropping from 64.8 kph to 48.6 kph. This puts the Bounty Hunter on par with Dire Whales (Dire Wolf) and King Crabs. Unless upgraded, it will not be making an appearance in the battlefield very quickly.


The MAD-BH2 is a nice Marauder for a long sniper fight. We know the torso ballistics should be mounted high on the ‘Mech, from pictures, but the arms might be too low to be effective. It is a nasty pop-tart build, but I feel it is lacking in mobility and will struggle “out-of-the-box”. I wouldn’t want to be in the targeting reticules of one though.

bounty-hunterFinal Thoughts:

The Marauder, one of the original Unseen ‘Mechs, will add both a nostalgic atmosphere and an interesting new element to the game. Of the current Inner Sphere heavy ‘Mechs, the Marauder will be one of the more diverse. With the ability to jump matched with the potential for both long and short range styles, the Marauder will be an interesting addition to MechWarrior Online.

Note: Theory-crafting is currently underway for the previously unseen Marauders for MechWarrior Online. I will post several designs as we approach the release date of December 1st, but they will be untested (obviously) and completely theoretical based on the information provided by PGI.


  1. Alojamiento web says:

    @Christos – The Marauder wouldn’t have been a great choice in the Battle of Stalingrad. Its autocannon and twin particle projector cannons are devastating at long range, but unwieldy in close quarters, and its armour is relatively light for its size. It also lacks the mobility that jump jets would provide.

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