The Secret World One Month Anniversary Free Play Weekend

Surprise, Surprise.  The Secret World is having problems with retention.  They have even emailed all subscribers that didn’t re-subscribe the second month for a free weekend.  I can only imagine that other people, like myself, are frustrated with the bugs in the game, especially with broken investigation missions, that they have cancelled their credit cards.

A list of missions (so far) that I found frustrating and/or broken.  This list isn’t everything, just the top 3.

  • Men in Black Vans, Kingsmouth, Solomon Island.  I posted about this earlier, how we had to work around to solve the deactivation of the machine.  Looking at ways Funcom should improve to solve the difficulty, on one side was a power button, but it didn’t seem to reset the device.  Too bad.  I loved that you had to search for the password.  I didn’t like that the answer wasn’t in game.  That would be a real world nightmare though, to have Kitsune Hayabusa’s password hint so blunt to say “my wife” and then be able to get the name so easily.  I hope none of you are that blunt.  If so, change your passwords today!
  • A Delivery for the Departed, Blue Mountain, Solomon Island.  The jilted bride is so dumb!  I hate this quest.  The objective is to grab the package from the back of the truck and run to the mansion.  Only problem is that the jilted bride snares you.  And this isn’t any normal snare.  This is probably a 90% reduction in run speed.  And if you kill the jilted bride, she just respawns, and awfully fast! We never did go back and finish this one.
  • “Crystal Quest” in Egypt. Also officially known as The Big Terrible Picture in the Scorched Desert. Montgomery de la Roche at the Oxford camp and he sends you out into the ruins.  You have several puzzles to solve.  Of course, since this is an open area, if anyone else is clicking on the puzzles, it will mess you up.  However, if you stay in the area and they solve it, you get credit too.  It’s called the Crystal quest because at one point you have to turn crystals imbedded in the sand to shine light into a crypt.  The problem is that sometimes the crystals show all the possibilities, rather than the one that is active.   Here is an example of some of the puzzle you have to solve.
cngu bs gur fha - eryngrf
abg whfg gb gur fbyne obql,
ohg gur geniry bs gur uhzna
obql - ovegu gb orlbaq.

rvtug synzrf - rvtug
fgngvbaf ba gur cngu bs
yvsr? nygubhtu gur beqre vf
abg jung frrzrq vavgvnyyl

So, with the free weekend, will I be playing?  I might just tonight since it’s the first night this week I don’t have plans!  But tomorrow is a family day.  We’ll see what Sunday brings.  Will I resubscribe to TSW?  Sometime yes, but I’m not making any promises.  We’ll see what the update actually delivers (7/31 update 1.1 has already been patched 8/3, today).  So if you have time, enjoy the Free Play Weekend in The Secret World to celebrate One Month Anniversary.

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