TSW Quest Men In Black Vans

Leonne and the members of her Cabal, Milites Sanctae, completed a quest (Men in Black Vans) this weekend during Early Access to The Secret World that took some patience.  It was somewhat bugged, partly because other people were messing with the device,

and partly because it took some brain and the clue was wrong!

The Secret World has several different types of quests.  They are identified by different logos on the UI when you talk to the NPCs in the world.  Some of the quests are mutually exclusive, your current quest will get put on hold until you reactivate it.  This can be done from your quest journal (j by default).OrochiGroup.net Orochi Group Men in Black Vans Quest

The now infamous quest is “Men in Black Vans” or MIBVans in TSW for short (and various similar acronyms).  It starts out that you find a van on the side of the road and some dead bodies in the sand a few meters off.  You can access the computer, but it has a password.  The hint for the password is “my wife”.  The dead bodies have ID tags on them identifying them as Emily Chan and Kitsune Hayabusa.  Nothing in game would tell you to look on the browser for orochi-group.net other than orochigroup.net is written at the bottom of their ID tags.  So when you go to Orochigroup.net on the internet you can search employee database and find that “Sally Andersen” is Kitsune’s wife.  Sally opens the computer to this screen:

The Secret World Men in Black Vans

Click to Enlarge – Quest Men in Black Vans

There is a second page, I’ll share it’s contents in a moment.  But now you need to find this device, because this wouldn’t be a good quest if they didn’t leave their “advanced occult technology” behind.  Head down hill, past the bodies, killing some mobs on the way.  In a ravine you will find the device (we actually found this earlier when we were traveling back and forth to the airport) on it’s side it has SSD25AS as a model number perhaps?.

Milites Sanctae looking at the advanced occult technology that Orochi Group left behind

Orochi Group’s advanced occult technology.

Now, this is the tricky part.  The light on top needs to change when you start to use the device.  There seems to be a timer that resets the device.  So if other people are playing with the machine, skip this quest.  It is annoying.  This particular quest should be in an instance so people can’t fiddle with the Field Deploying Occult Attractor V4 and screw up your machine.

Assembly Sequence:

  1. Engage PK Pulse Unit
  2. Affix Manifest Agitator to PK Pulse Unit
  3. Affix Etheric Transponder Antenna to Manifest Agitator
  4. Assume minimum safe distance before power up

Disassemble in reverse order to avoid etheric spikes, possible unwanted attention.

You want to disassemble the device so you:

  1. Click on the power console
  2. Click on the Etheric Transponder Antenna
  3. Click on the Manifest Agitator
  4. Click on the PK Pulse Unit.

Please leave comments if you have any corrections to this.  I’ll gladly edit it as the game launches and changes are made.


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  1. Grimjakk says:

    Another possible route to the information regarding Hayabuse’s wife is to google his email address. It brings up an Orochi group page with Kitsune offering an employee testimonial for the company where he mentions that he met his wife at a company mixer.

  2. Good guide, but keep in mind that mission is a bit buggy atm on last step. It can not be completed if other players have recently activated the device. If you have problems write ingame message mods to claim mission completion.

  3. Thank you guys! I appreciate your visits!

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