Types of Quests in The Secret World

The quest interface takes a bit of getting used to in The Secret World.  You can click on the main icon to get a drop down of all your quests.  Clicking on another quest will make it the active one.  Clicking again will bring a pop-up.

Types of quests we’ve discovered so far:

The Secret World Quest TypesStory – blue icon, primary game narrative (you only have one at a time)

Dungeon Quests in The Secret WorldGroup/Dungeon – purple icon, dungeons (you only have one at a time)

PVP iconQuest Types in The Secret WorldAction – red/brown icon, combat-focused (you can have up to three side quests)

Quests The Secret World Investigation – light green icon, factional history/challenging puzzles (you can have up to three side quests)

Puzzle Quest The Secret WorldOther side quests such as kill & explore (you can have up to three side quests)


You will only ever have one story arc quest (the top one).  You can also only ever have one of the dungeon quests at a time, as well as the action quests.  You can have three side quests at any given time.  If you already have a quest of one type and pick up a new quest of the same type, it will go on hold and you can resume it from your log (L) at any time.

Fusang Project mission terminalYou get missions from many areas of the world.  You talk to NPCs and find locations around the world.  PVP is also run by missions.  My favorite PVP is a persistent warzone called The Fusang Project.

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