Warrior Tank Build – Battle Turtle

Warrior Tank Build – Battle Turtle

All players have different style and enjoy different things from Rift. One of my good friends loves playing tanks that can be abused and keep on hurting you. This particular build is keyed very heavily on defense, especially AC and block. It is designed to tank single or multiple mobs, and draw hate (or agro) from everything nearby. Many thanks to Felgar for his work on this!

Primary Soul: Paladin

Secondary Soul: Reaver

Third Soul: Warlord

Paladin Abilities From 1 (35 points)

  • Stalwart Shield 5 (10% block)
  • Shield of the Hero 1 (5% Block 5% to hit)
  • Defender 4 (8% armor)
  • Martial Shield 1 (25% chance to get an attack point on block)
  • Defender 5 (10% armor)
  • Graceful Under Pressure 3 (9% to hit)
  • Vengeful Wrath 3 (30% more damage from reactive attacks)
  • Unyielding Defense 2 ((8% less damage from blocks)
  • Balance of Power 3 (160% weapon damage back from blocks)
  • Karmic Resolution 2 (heal 30% of the damage from Reprisal and Disarming Counter Blow)
  • Tip the Balance 2 (heal 100% of damage from Balance of Power)
  • Unyielding Defense 5 (20% less damage from blocks)
  • Paladin’s Reprisal 1 (AOE Reactive attack)
  • Aggressive Guardian 2 (20% more Threat)
  • Hardened Will 2 (6% less damage from spells)

Warlord Abilities from 1 (10 Points)

  • Powerful Countenance 5 (10% armor)
  • Defensive Experience 5 (5% block)

Reaver Abilities from 36 (21 Total)

  • Power in the Blood 5 (20% less damage when below 30% health)
  • Imbued Armor 5 (5% less damage)
  • Soul Feast 1 (Heal with Soul Sickness)
  • Ethereal Bond 3 (Soul Sickness costs 15 less power)
  • Shadow of Dread 1 (8 second Fear)
  • Grisly Works 3 (Heal 9% max health if you land the killing blow on an enemy)
  • Crest Mastery 3 (9% Less spell damage with Crest of the Abyss)

Most of what Felgar and I do are PVE again, so that is the focus of this build. We have not tried it in PVP. It is also important to note that this build works best against physical attacks instead of magical attacks, but it does have some protection from Magical foes.

As always, let me know if you have any questions and I will track down answers for you.


Or in game:

Rcane on Estrael

Flue on Estrael

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  1. Normand Cromwell says:

    This is great..thanks forposting!

  2. Here is a question we received, and the answer from our Tank Specialist.

    Hi there, just curious as to the rotation for aoe pulls you would recommend with the paladin/reaver/warlord spec you posted.

    I was thinking open with blood fever and necrotic wounds so as they spread. Then maybe a shield charge or something, followed by vicious cleave/sweeping strikes, then vicious cleave spam with agressive block kept up and using aoe cd abilities where necessary. But yeh input from someone whos already tanking near or at endgame with the spec would be great. I’ve noticed aoe tanking to be more difficult in rift that wow and the tab targeting doesn’t seem as forgiving as wow. Anyway thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

    Light’s Decree is your key here, it turns all of your single target attacks into 5+1 target AOEs. So you start with Light’s decree then shield charge you’ll have 2 aoe hits in at this point then fire off Plague Bringer and start plunking out your dots making sure you fire off Scales of Justice and Paladin’s Reprisal when you can. The only time I’ve had a problem with keeping agro is when there are more than the 5+1(the target you are hitting) it gets pretty hard to hold agro on more then those. I’ve tanked with both the mage “Scorched Earth” build and the rogue “Knife in the Back” build with no problems.

    Note: You have to be high enough level for Light’s Decree to use it. Using the reaver plaguebringer is an option to get multiple mob agro until you get Light’s Decree, but it doesn’t compete with the burst agro from LIght’s.

    Also our Tank Specialist recommended modifying the build we had posted earlier. Replacing Shadow of Dread with Plaguebringer.

  3. Due to the changes in Rift, for Update 1.1, specifically the changes to Reaver, our Tank Specialist is reviewing this build to bring it up to date. We will post here with those changes when they have been finished.


  1. […] to keep the game flexible and enjoyable.  This particular build is very similar in function to the Battle Turtle build that was posted here, prior to the update 1.1 […]

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