Water Breathing – A Fish Called Wanda (Leonne)

Water Breathing

We ran into a difficulty with some underwater puzzles & quests.  They were very hard to do when you had to go up for air every so often.  Since there are only two water breathing potions in Telara for each person (going off Guardian information), we had to get creative.  I created another role just to acquire “Blessing of the Sea“, an ability that grants the ally the ability to breathe underwater.

To acquire “Blessing of the Sea” one must spend 18 points in the Warden Soul.  So here is my water breathing cleric build, or A Fish Called Leonne.

Warden Cleric Soul – 18 points

Aquatic Affinity – 5/5
Destructive Tide 5/5

Dehydrate 1/1
Surging Rapids 0/5
Fluidity 5/5

Ebb and Flow 5/5
Dissolution 0/1
Restorative Tide 2/2

Orbs of the Stream 1/1
Still Waters 0/5

Tidal Resonance 0/2
Diona’s Gift 0/5
Ripple 0/1

Now, you may ask, what do I do from here?  Well, I personally don’t like the Warden Cleric Soul, so I switch out of it as soon as possible.  But you can pair it well with several other souls, and since my favorite soul is actually the Sentinel Cleric Soul, I have it paired with that as I go up in level.  The Purifier Cleric Soul is recommended to complete the set.  I haven’t yet played with the Purifier Cleric Soul, perhaps those that have can give some responses.


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