Ways to get Experience in The Secret World

Ah my friends!  Welcome to my abode.  I understand you want to learn how to become more powerful in The Secret World.  Of course, when you defeat monsters in the world you gain a small amount of experience.  If you relate these experiences to someone in authority, you can gain additional experience.  And if someone gives you a mission, and you are successful, you gain even more experience.  But you can gain experience also by seeking out pieces of lore and legend from our world.  You can become more powerful by completing goals.

I love to collect lore in games.  It adds enjoyment for me.  Here is a summary of ways to get experience in The Secret World other than by killing mobs.

Finding important locations in The Secret World

Near the trailer park in Blue Mountain is an uncompleted pyramid called the Golden Wigwam. Be careful, the brutes in the hole are mean!





Finding Locations

Unlocking Goals in The Secret World

A goal earned in the warzone The Fusang Project.




Unlocking Goals

The Secret World is full of Lore

Lore icons are all over. Click on the icon to upload it. When read all together, they tell another tale.






Finding Lore

Alternate goals in The Secret World Incorporeal Kill 10 Spirits

Killing a certain number of monsters in the world can gain you a goal. Here is for killing 10 spirits in Blue Mountain






Killing mobs

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